Milestones to launch your property with Tesla Climate Carbon

1. Upload information on your property

Complete the feasibility study below

2. Await validation of title deeds

If your property is suitable, TCC has to formally verify your documents with your local Land Registry as part of our feasibility study. This enables TCC to verify the ownership, plot size and legal position before we can proceed further.

3. Await feasibility study of the plot

TCC analysts will measure the plot using high density satellite images and calculate the annual carbon sequestration quantities in metric tonnes of CO2. Using industry-standard and peer-reviewed science enables TCC to measure and forecast the carbon impact of the property accurately. This process takes several weeks to complete.

4. Contract stage and launch

Upon approval, TCC will issue a property partner contract. This details the annual carbon offset value of your property, the payment structure and general terms and conditions are provided. Upon digital signing from both parties, your project will move forward to the ingestion stage. Your property will pass through a detailed survey and a final annual carbon credit allowance will be issued.

5. Project live on Tesla Climate Carbon Platform

Upon verification and final approval, TCC will issue you a property partner contract. This details the annual carbon offset value of your property and expected remuneration.

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